Unique combination of expertise competencies

HR, Communication, MediaCoreworkers is an Employer Branding Agency, specializing in co-worker communication – internally as well as externally. We offer you structured and strategic ways to nurture and clarify your brand as an employer. Our combined expertise within HR, Employer Branding, communication and media provides us the opportunity to guide you through the complex communication chain. In order to attract and retain the right people, you need to find the right message, the right package and the right media channels.

Collaborating with Danish Coreworkers

Coreworkers Sweden started in 2006 and we collaborate with our Danish sister agency Coreworkers AS. Our Danish business started in 1989 and combined, we are over 30 co-workers. Our turnover for 2008 was approximately 100 MSEK. Our collaboration also gives us the opportunity to take on large international assignments.

Important phases and tools in an Employee Lifecycle

We develop tools to support the Employer Branding work in each phase of an Employee Lifecycle:


Employee Lifecycle

Attract: Focus groups and Employer Branding Analyses of target groups, development of Employer Offer and Communication Strategies, image advertisements, media counselling, fair stands, career web sites, material for Labour Market Days.

Recruit: Development of placement advertising concept, running placement advertising, profiling Trainee Programmes, events, give-aways, media counselling, media broking and recruitment campaigns.

Introduce: Introduction programmes, culture books and welcome packages.

Motivate: Value brochures. Newsletters, change tools, intranets, culture books, staff magazines and internal campaigns.

Develop: Policy brochures, educational brochures, course material, brochures presenting degree projects/work and other material to inspire co-workers to ”live the brand”.

Farewell: Alumni material, exit interviews, questionnaires, in-depth interviews and analyses.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know how you can take the right position on the competence market, using a strong and clear Employer Profile? How to build strong relations with co-workers that form a base for involvement, dedication and loyalty? And how you can use your unique strengths and values as an employer – internally and externally alike?

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